The Death Of Eunice Kennedy Shriver

The death of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of President John Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy, and Senator Ted Kennedy,  and wife of Peace Corps and War on Poverty Director Sargeant Shriver,  is a moment to stop and reflect on her great role in American history, despite the fact that she never ran for office.

She not only had a great effect on her children, including Maria Shriver, wife of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,  but she is most important for initiating the Special Olympics in 1968, giving people who were disabled  the opportunity to shine and excel in competitions of all kinds.

Shriver opened up our eyes to the contributions that disabled people can make, and helped to promote a sense of dignity and self worth in people who,  through no fault of their own, were denied equality of conditions as a result of their birth or life circumstances.

We need more Eunice Kennedy Shrivers in American life–that is, people who are selfless in their desire to make life better for others, and spend their lifetime promoting equality of opportunity.  She will be much missed, and is in death, very much appreciated and loved!

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