Dick Cheney And GIs In New York

Recent revelations in the NY TIMES that Vice President Dick Cheney encouraged the Bush Administration to send US troops into Buffalo, New York, in 2002 to arrest a group of terror suspects is a shocking and disturbing piece of news.

It would be unprecedented to use US military forces on American soil, and it is unconstitutional that the military be used to conduct domestic operations,  which is left up to the FBI, the DEA, and ATF.

Thank goodness President Bush, after at least one White House meeting, rejected such action!  It makes Bush certainly looking better than Cheney to be in the White House, and makes one happy that Bush survived his two terms in office.  The thought of even a brief Cheney Presidency is horrifying.

This man–Dick Cheney–was and is a danger to this country and its legal traditions, and it is essential that Congress begin a full investigation, and that Cheney be subjected to legal action, if for nothing else, to set an example for future Vice Presidents and cabinet members with great authority, to understand that there are limits to their use of power, and that any abuse will be met with prompt action by law enforcement authorities!

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