The Continuing Democratic Dominance In Political Party Affiliation

Six months of the Obama Presidency have passed, and the Democrats, despite blistering criticism from the far right and from the Republican leadership of Congress and Republican governors, continues to dominate across the country, based on party affiliation.

Thirty states are blue (Democrats) and only four states are red (Republican), with eight states leaning Democratic,  eight being competitive, and only one state leaning Republican.  Two states that were competitive have gone to leaning Democratic.

The only states that are red are Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Alaska, with Alabama the only other state leaning strongly Republican.  Mississippi is the other state which has barely gone more Republican by one percentage point.  Everywhere else, there has been no change or negative change for the GOP.

The eight states leaning Democratic are crucial states, including Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Nevada, and Colorado.

The competitive states are South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona, and Montana.

States that have changed classification since the end of 2008 are as follows:  Colorado and Nevada from solid Democratic to leaning Democratic; Virginia and Indiana from Competitive to solid Democratic;   Florida, Georgia and South Dakota from Competitive to lean Democratic;  Alabama from Competitive to lean Republican;  and Nebraska from lean Republican to Competitive.

The size of the Democratic advantage has declined a bit, but this is due to the growth of independent support, not to any growth of GOP support in party affiliation.

It should be pointed out that these statistics do not mean the Republicans cannot gain support and win if they secure independent backing, but it is clear that the Republican party is in deep trouble and will have a major battle gaining great influence and power nationally, as things stand now,  based on Gallup Poll findings.

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