Some Rationality Among GOP Leaders on Sotomayor

Finally, we are seeing some rationality by leaders of the Republican party against the frontal assault by Rush Limbaugh,  Newt Gingrich, and other right wing talk show hosts on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas and RNC Chairman Michael Steele are calling for a halt to these attacks on Sotomayor, which include charges that she is a racist; that she is stupid;  that she is equivalent of David Duke, the white supremacist;  that she is unqualified for the Court, etc.  Both of them see the damage that can be done to the image of the Republican party to oppose a qualified Hispanic woman, who would be on the liberal side of the Court, something that cannot be avoided as a result of the presidential election, but has more background and experience than anyone picked for the Court in the past century.

While neither of these leaders are exactly seen as the ideal model of the Republican party themselves, with their past outrageous statements and actions on many fronts, at least they are not as extreme as the right wingers mentioned above who have no dignity and grace and class at all.

Since Sotomayor will be confirmed without any doubt,  the Republicans have the opportunity to play a reasonable opposition role, but if they continue to allow the extremists to control the agenda on this issue, then the American people will reject their appeals for regaining office for the long run.  Ultimately, their future is in their hands.

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