Sonia Sotomayor And The End Of The Baseball Strike of 1994

An important footnote to the career of Sonia Sotomayor is her intervention in the Baseball Strike of 1994, which she helped to end as a Federal District Court judge.

A baseball fan who grew up within sight of Yankee Stadium, she stepped in to end the strike by a court injunction which was upheld by a Second Federal Circuit Court ruling, after a 234 day players strike shortened the 1994 season and canceled the World Series of that year.  She ruled against management in this injunction, and revived the game of baseball at a delicate time when its survival was at stake.

Therefore she is a champion of baseball fans, such as myself, and the game was revived after with the usual exciting accomplishments and great players who have always made baseball the National Pastime.  

President Obama referred to this when he nominated Sotomayor, and his joking hope that New Englanders , (meaning the Boston Red Sox fans),  would not hold it against her that she was a lifetime Yankees fan.  :)  LOL

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