The Attorneys in Bush V Gore Unite on Backing Gay Marriage

The two prominent attorneys who were on opposite sides of the Bush V Gore Supreme Court case over the Election of 2000 have united to fight in federal court against Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California, and was just upheld by the California Supreme Court yesterday.

Theodore Olsen (certainly a conservative) and David Boies declared that gay marriage was another civil rights campaign, and that no one should be denied basic rights, and that gay Californians should be allowed to marry again as the federal case moves forward.  It is certainly a bold move for these two opposing lawyers to come together to promote what they see as a violation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which promotes due process and equal protection.

Ultimately, the movement for equality under the law regarding marriage, the military, and general discrimination in many areas of American society for gays  must be addressed in the federal courts, and NOT in the votes of Americans, who if left to their prejudices in the past, would still deny equality to African Americans, women, and other religious and racial and ethnic minorities.  There should NOT be a vote on whether individual Americans should have basic rights.  It should be guaranteed as part of the promotion of human rights, the basic story of American history since World War II.

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