The White House Correspondents Dinner Performance of Barack Obama

President Obama "brought down the house"  last Saturday night at the annual White House Correspondents Association to no one’s surprise!

The President poked fun at just about everyone, including Hillary Clinton,  Joe Biden,  Michael Steele,  Rush Limbaugh,  John Boehner,  and Michael Bloomberg, and also made fun of events that have occurred in  his time in office, and also poked fun at himself.

He also spoke up in support of print journalism and journalism in general,  declaring  that while no President likes all things that are published or reported about him and his administration,  still journalism is an important tool in promoting accountability and honesty in government.  He pointed out that journalism makes the complex world we live in much more understandable and relevant,  and educates the American people by providing the knowledge we need to make for a better society and world.

His usual articulate self,  Obama made the event last Saturday night very enjoyable and also very memorable!

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