Cheney, Torture Defense, and Party Loyalty

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is creating a major controversy as he continues to attack the Obama Administration as making America unsafe, and defending torture, despite many FBI and CIA agents who say it does not work and never has provided any crucial information to intelligence agents.

Members of his own Republican party, including Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina most recently, make it clear that they do not agree with Cheney.  Neither does former Independent Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura,  who told Larry King that if had the opportunity to waterboard Cheney, within one hour Cheney would admit to the murder of Sharon Tate LOL, who was murdered forty years ago in California by Charles Manson, probably the most famous living prisoner in America!

Cheney is also leaving no doubt that he is trying to eliminate moderates from the GOP, including stating  that in  his mind Colin Powell is no longer a Republican because he endorsed Barack Obama for President.  Cheney feels Rush Limbaugh is more a Republican than Powell.  That kind of mentality is destructive.

These twin crusades of Cheney will serve to undermine any revival of the Republican party in the near future, and will add to his image of being both the most controversial and also most condemned Vice President in American History!

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