The Surprising Robert Gates: Who Would Have Guessed?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has turned out to be a big surprise to many who supported President Obama.

A lot of Obama partisans were surprised that he chose to keep Bush’s Secretary of Defense, but Gates has been willing to accept criticism and strong attacks from the conservative talk radio hosts and the Republican  party by his decision to support transparency on the issue of the torture memos and now on the  publication of Abu Ghraib photographs.

I commend Secretary Gates and now think that this was one of the best appointments Obama has made.  Gates is a true patriot willing to address the reality of what happened tragically during the Bush years, a total breakdown of constitutional government and promotion of fear and hysteria.  Fortunately, the American people were wise enough to conclude after years of lies and deceit that it was time for a change in government, which would include total transparency about the recent past.  If we are to become a nation that can again be admired worldwide and retain self respect, then total exposure and transparency about the evils of the Bush years is absolutely essential!

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