Obama and the Saudi King

Conservatives are promoting another issue in their assault on President Obama.

The fact that the President gave a deep bow to Saudi King Abdullah, when he met him at the G-20 summit this week, has become a major controversy, that it implies that our President is bending to the will of the oil kingdom.

This is really amazing and unbelievable, as we did not hear the same cry of outrage when former President George W. Bush held the hand of the King at his ranch as he escorted him around his property.  Also, the Bush family, including the first President Bush, is known to have had close contact and shown deference to the Saudi royal family over a long period of time.  The Republicans have been known to be very close to the Saudis, but if a new Democratic President shows a normal amount of friendship, it is suddenly a scandal. 
Do I approve of showing any deference to a royal family that I consider corrupt and disgraceful? Of course, the answer is no, but this is part of the necessary international relationships that this nation has, and it can only end when this country finally is able someday to tell the Saudis and the other Middle East oil nations that we no longer need their oil, and that we have found alternative energy resources.  Regrettably, that will not be happening as soon as the Obama Presidency.

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