The Obama Cabinet is Completed

The Obama cabinet is now complete, and it is obviously a centrist, well balanced group.  It includes people of experience and talent and accomplishment, and also reflects diversity.

There are three women in the cabinet, along with three Hispanics, two Asian Americans, one African American, and two Republicans.  Additionally, there are excellent selections for the National Security Adviser, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, United Nations Ambassador, White House Press Secretary, White House Counsel, Office of Management and Budget Director, Director of the National Economic Council, Chief of Staff and various Science appointments.

Obama has also selected four of his presidential rivals–Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and Tom Vilsack–for his cabinet and he has shown willingness to include people who will challenge him and offer him varying alternatives on economic, social and foreign policy.  This is all to the good, and bodes well for the success of the Obama Presidency!

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