McCain’s Repudiation of Sarah Palin

Senator John McCain finally came out and told us on THIS WEEK with George Stephanopoulos that he would not be supportive of Governor Sarah Palin if she ran for President in 2012, as there are many young governors across the country who are very talented and should be considered for the next election cycle for President.

What a commentary that McCain is therefore indirectly admitting that he flubbed in picking Palin to be his running mate, and in the process, put the nation under tremendous risk had he won the Presidency and become incapacitated or died in office.  Anyone in their right mind except the evangelical right could easily see that Palin was the least qualified VP candidate in history and was simply put on the ticket as a ploy to gain women who were Hillary Clinton supporters to come over to the GOP.  But of course, any Hillary supporter who would have used Palin’s gender as the reason, with the reality that Palin was the ultimate anti-Hillary candidate, would indicate that such individuals were people the Democratic party did not need, as they would totally lack judgment and common sense.

It is likely that McCain’s back handed rejection of Sarah Palin will have the effect of minimizing her chances for 2012, and will undermine the support she still retains among conservative talk show hosts, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Reagan.  If anyone could say that these talk show hosts have any legitimacy, their continued support of Sarah Palin eliminates that thought for anyone with a sane mind!

One comment on “McCain’s Repudiation of Sarah Palin

  1. Micky January 6, 2008 7:13 pm

    Why is the "evangelical right" stereotyped as ignorant and devoid of any common sense? I am willing to grant that the Republican party latched onto Sarah Palin without much scrutiny into her qualifications, if my professor is willing to concede that the whole of the Democratic party, himself included, just elected the least qualified President in recent memory. As part of the ignorant right, I shall pray (yes. Pray) for my President in hopes that his lack of experience will not become so evident as to give me a chance to say, "I told you so…"

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