Another Biden in the Senate in 2010?

The governor of Delaware has picked a long time aide to Senator Joseph Biden, Ted Kaufman,  to replace him when he becomes Vice President of the United States, after 36 years of Senate service. 

Kaufman has made clear he is willing to step aside in 2010 to allow Attorney General Beau Biden, the older son of the future Vice President, to replace him after service in the National Guard in Iraq and Afghanistan over the next year or so.  Beau Biden would be running for the remaining four years of the term his father was just elected to in November. 

Again, having a famous name can help, but it must be pointed out that Beau Biden has already been voted into office by the citizenry of Delaware and has been serving successfully as Attorney General.  The fact that he is now serving his country in the war zone certainly adds to his appeal to voters, and ultimately, it is the voters who will decide his future.  Based on the exceptional record his father forged over his six terms from 1972 to now, it can be expected Beau Biden will win in 2010 and justify succeeding his famous father in the Senate!

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