The Reality About Sarah Palin

It is now a week since Sarah Palin became a household name and she has been described as a "Rock Star" by the Republican Party.

This is insulting to the American public, and this past week has been a tremendous embarrassment in so many ways.  What we have learned about the "Pit Bull" is that she is a right wing extremist who wants to censor library book shelves, believes in creationism as science, wants to mandate that a woman who has been raped MUST have the child, is a fanatic gun advocate as a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, believes there should be no sex education in schools and only abstinence should be taught, has promoted earmarks in her role as past mayor of a small town and the small population state of Alaska  but now is the big advocate of no more earmarks, allied herself with Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska but now has abandoned her friendship out of her own personal ambition, supported the Bridge to Nowhere but then changed her mind and turned against it, used her office as Mayor and then Governor to clean house and put her allies in to promote so called Good Government which sounds more like the old style spoils system, interfered to try to fire her former brother in law and make it impossible therefore for him to pay alimony to her sister which is now being investigated by the state legislature, and prodding the young jerk Levi Johnston to marry her pregnant daughter or else a statutory rape charge would have been brought against him as their escapade embarrassed the fundamentalist Christian values that Ms. Palin continues to promote although her whole career is one of incompetence and hypocrisy. To top it off, her fisherman husband is a member of the Alaska Independence Party and Sarah Palin spoke twice as Governor before the group, giving it legitimacy.  She also supported Pat Buchanan when he ran as an independent in 2000, although she denied it and Buchanan contradicted her on her denial. Supporting Buchanan has to make you wonder about the character and judgment of a woman who could, if bad luck occurs, become our 45th President if John McCain wins in November and does not survive his time in office.

Sarah Palin makes one long for the "good old days"  of  Spiro Agnew and Dan Quayle, who despite their incompetence and mediocrity, look like geniuses as compared to this woman who can best be described as a "Snowbilly’, a term coined by a former student of mine who contributes to my blog as I contribute to his.  :)  I have been shocked that so called intelligent people, particularly some women, including some I know, are ready and willing to back John McCain because of Sarah Palin,  as a replacement for Hillary Clinton.  This is preposterous, as Sarah Palin is the ultimate ANTI HILLARY!  The only thing in common is certain body parts, but not including the brilliant mind of Hillary Clinton.  Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas, once in a VP debate in 1988, declared that Senator Dan Quayle was no Jack Kennedy, and I can say with certainty that Governor Sarah Palin IS NO Hillary Clinton. 

The first indications are that a majority of women see Sarah Palin for what she is, but the men seem to favor her, at least in the  polls taken so far.  Could it be that so many men simply are incorrigible and judge even political women by their looks and bodies rather than the content of their character and the level of their intellect?  Why is it that there is no desire early on by the McCain campaign to allow Sarah Palin to face a serious questioning about her views, her knowledge, and her contradictions by the national press and by cable television interviews, and instead prefer that she just make speeches written for her using a teleprompter and utilizing her charm and sarcasm?  Don’t the American people have the right to learn the facts, the truth, about a woman who MIGHT become President suddenly at any time if we are unlucky enough to have her as Vice President of the United States?

My prediction is that once Sarah Palin is fully vetted as she must be, even if delayed for a while, that she will fade very quickly from the scene and after Election Day will go down as trivia in history as much as Geraldine Ferraro or Jack Kemp, losing VP candidates from the past.  The American people deserve better than an Alaskan "Snowbilly" as a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  They have an alternative: Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, who will bring distinction and stature to that office and help to bring it back from the disgrace brought to that office by Dick Cheney.  And if by some horrible tragedy, Biden should some day succeed Barack Obama, we would be in very good hands.  Meanwhile, we will be able to sleep peacefully knowing we are safe should some terrible event occur.  No candidate for President should EVER again play Russian Roulette with our future.  If a Presidential candidate cannot pick a responsible choice for Vice President, that should eliminate him as a winning candidate, as he has demonstrated poor judgment and showed a lack of wisdom and character.

One comment on “The Reality About Sarah Palin

  1. David September 7, 2008 11:43 pm
    I agree completely.  Except, why would the Republicans want to have Palin engage in a serious dialogue with the American people?  That would defeat the Rock Star image they are trying to paint.  She appears to be reckless loose cannon.  Besides, it’s better if she isn’t pressed until the Vice presidential debate before the election.  Americans may tend to remember it closer to the election.  I think Obama will be an adequate president, at least as good as Kennedy (i.e. – didn’t accomplish much).  LOL.  The Democrats better not run a campaign of anybody can beat Bush during this campaign because that tactic lost Kerry the presidency in 2004.

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