Social Interaction

Is The COVID 19 Pandemic Effectively Over, Or Is Caution Still Needed?

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, and President Joe Biden made the surprise announcement on Thursday, that all Americans who had been vaccinated against the COVID 19 Pandemic, no longer needed to wear masks and social distance in public and in private.

It stunned many, as many Americans are not yet vaccinated, and many do not plan to be vaccinated, so while an emotional moment, one wondered whether the announcement was a wise move.

Many businesses and companies are choosing to continue a mask mandate, and it is still required in circumstances of public transportation, including planes, buses, and trains.

But the concern is that the pandemic may come roaring back, so it is unclear whether the sudden statement may be reckless, but in any case, anyone can still use masks, but it does seem as no longer can it be required or mandated.

It will certainly be great for Americans to get back to normal social interactions, as it has nearly 15 months of this health crisis!

Trump And Right Wing Media Put Economy Above Lives

It is clear that Donald Trump and the right wing media (Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Channel) are ready to put the economy above lives of elderly people and even those of all ages.

Ignoring science and the reality of the CoronaVirus pandemic raging worldwide, the mood is to “get back to business” and have people interact rather than isolate themselves at home.

Certainly, the collapse of the stock market, almost 40 percent in a month, and millions of people going jobless, is a very disturbing development.

But to stand by and encourage social interaction that will likely kill millions of Americans is simply suicidal behavior!

For the conservative movement and the Republican Party to back Donald Trump in worrying more about the economy than life itself is beyond reasoning, particularly for an ideological movement and a party so hellbent on ending abortion.

The Republican Party and conservatism may be remembered in the long run for their lack of concern for people’s health, and willingness to sacrifice the elderly.

That is a horrific condemnation of the party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt!