New Hampshire Debate

Winners Of The New Hampshire ABC Democratic Presidential Debate: The Moderates

The clear cut winners of last night’s New Hampshire ABC Democratic Presidential debate were the moderates, in the following order:

Pete Buttigieg

Amy Klobuchar

Joe Biden

All three gave a very strong performance, and the odds now of Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar becoming an eventual team as President and Vice President has grown.

The fact that both are from the Midwest is very important, since that is the area of the nation that, had Hillary Clinton won there in 2016, we would not have the unending nightmare of Donald Trump!

The fact that there would be a 21 plus year difference in age, with the Vice President being the older part of the ticket, is no big deal, as Joe Biden was 19 years older than Barack Obama, and the team of the two of them worked very well.

It must be said that Joe Biden had his best performance, but a younger combination is better for the nation long term, with the potential for two terms moving ahead.

The Chris Christie Endorsement Of Mitt Romney: An Attempt To Outflank The Tea Party Movement In The Republican Party!

The decision of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, fresh off a choice NOT to run for the GOP Presidential nomination, to endorse former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for President is a major victory for Romney in his battle with Rick Perry and other conservatives in the party.

Christie adds legitimacy to Romney as someone who can appeal across the political spectrum within the party, and certainly puts Christie on a short list of potential Vice Presidential choices for Romney, if he ends up the nominee, even though it seems likely that Christie would not wish to be a “second fiddle”, when he is the powerful Governor of a state which makes that office very consequential in the state constitution.

However, it can also be seen as the “Establishment” Northeastern Republicans trying to co-opt the Tea Party Movement, which is the extreme right wing within the party, and secretly terrifies many in the party.

Since so many Wall Street types and Establishment people were pushing Christie to run, it is assumed that they are now switching to Romney, even if with some reluctance and doubt, in order to stop Perry and other conservatives from taking over the party apparatus.

The question still is there: Will the Tea Party Movement be willing to back Romney, with his changing views on social issues, on health care, and with his Mormon faith? If not, it means a threat of a third party movement which could defeat Romney. So will Romney move to the right further, or ignore the Tea Party Movement and attempt to run as a centrist candidate to win independents, moderates, and conservative Democrats?

It will be interesting to watch tonight’s debate in New Hampshire, sponsored by Bloomberg Television and the Washington Post, as to how Romney answers questions, and deals with attacks by Perry, Herman Cain, and others, including Jon Huntsman, who wants very much to start to be a real moderate alternative to Romney!