Donald Trump’s Authoritarian Bent Grows

Donald Trump’s authoritarian bent is growing daily.

He intervenes to say what should happen to Bowe Bergdahl in the criminal justice system, and it backfires on him.

He intervenes to say that the terrorist who killed eight people and wounded twelve in lower Manhattan should get the death penalty, after first suggesting that he be sent to Guantanamo Naval Base, where terrorists from September 11 remain housed, and that insures complexities in the upcoming trail of this perpetrator.

He intervenes to say that the Justice Department and the FBI should follow his desires, and go after Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, with his constant chant of “Lock Her Up” still being mouthed by his crazy supporters in the general population.

He intervenes to attack the news media for reporting FACTS, and the judiciary for going against him on his travel bans, when it is their job to report, and to follow the Constitution, not the President’s orders.

Donald Trump is emerging more and more as a Fascist, who needs to stopped in his quest for absolute power before it is too late, and the Republican Party in Congress will be condemned in history if they do not step in and stop him pronto.

We are not a dictatorship, and Donald Trump is not an Emperor or King, and he must be put in his place.

Thankfully, the Mueller investigation is moving forward toward ultimate accountability and justice, which should consider not just removal from the Oval Office for Donald Trump, but prison time for him and his son in law and son as well.

Donald Trump Declares War On The News Media: A Dictator In The Making!

Donald Trump has declared war on the news media, at his tempestuous press conference at Trump Tower yesterday, called to explain the issue of the raising of funds to help veterans, which he had declared as a goal in January, and had never been held accountable for for the past four months.

Trump insulted several reporters specifically, and made clear there would be combat between the news media and the Trump White House if he was elected, making for the absolute worst possible relationship with the media, worse than Richard Nixon!

This is alarming,and every effort must be made to insure that Trump does not win the Presidency, as his Fascist leanings and dictatorial manner is terrifying, and portends potential destruction of American democracy.

Trump’s tirade reminds many of Vice President Spiro Agnew under Nixon, vilifying the press in a disgraceful way!