Civil Service

Trump Declares War On Federal Government, Wishes To Return to Pre Pendleton Act Spoils System

Donald Trump has set out to declare war on the federal government bureaucracy, wishing to return to the pre Pendleton Act Spoils System, that reigned from the time of Andrew Jackson in the 1830s to the passage of the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act of 1883 under President Chester Alan Arthur.

Arthur, a Republican who succeeded the assassinated James A. Garfield, who had been murdered by a crazed office seeker, Charles J. Guiteau in 1881, made civil service reform his major accomplishment in his three and a half years in the Presidency.

The federal bureaucracy is certainly not perfect by any means, but at least it requires qualifications and the passage of examinations, rather than just political connections, to gain a federal government position.

Most federal bureaucrats are highly qualified and dedicated, but Donald Trump wants political hacks to operate federal government agencies, and to ruin union and labor rights of federal government workers, thereby returning America to the Gilded Age mentality that reigned 135 years ago.

Donald Trump will eventually leave office by hook or by crook, but the damage he is doing is detrimental to the long term stability and health of all federal government agencies, and will make many young people unwilling to consider federal government careers.

Every government agency from the State Department and diplomatic corps, through those agencies that deal with human needs, such as education, healthcare, housing, and also those which deal with the environment, the economy, defense and so many other crucial areas of government, will now become sewers run by incompetent, corrupt, and uncaring political crooks.

The state governments are already becoming worse operated than ever, and now the Republican Party is, in league with Donald Trump, conspiring against the American future in the name of the selfish interests of the wealthy and privileged.

The needs of the vast percentage of Americans who are not wealthy and privileged will be made much more difficult, and with the growing percentage of Americans who are not white, being governed by a white supremacy mentality of the federal government and the Republican Party, the seeds for future civil war and violence is growing. This endangers the civil order and undermines the great progress made over the past century plus by Presidents and Congresses of both political parties.

So the deleterious effects of Donald Trump are multiplying like cancer, and there is no sign of being able to stop this growing damage to the American Republic.

The Increasing Lack Of Respect And Appreciation Of America’s Public Servants! :(

It is extremely disturbing that there is a growing lack of respect and appreciation for America’s public servants!

Whether national, state or local, public servants serve the American people in all kinds of ways, but are taken for granted, and now face a sustained attack on the importance of their jobs, their salaries, their benefits, and even their pensions! 🙁

One would think that public servants are paid high salaries, which is the farthest from the truth, but demagogic politicians, with the vast majority being Republicans, have declared war on public servants as a way to have a scapegoat, and pit these public servants against the general population! 🙁

If these public servants, derogatorily called “bureaucrats”, are suddenly cut in numbers, the American people will quickly discover that government services will become far less accessible and rapid in accomplishment!

And realize public servants include teachers at all levels, police officers, firefighters, nurses, librarians, sanitation workers, prison guards and numerous others we tend to assume don’t matter!

Do we really want to discourage people from entering these different public service jobs? Can we not give them respect and decent salaries and benefits and pensions, since they do NOT make as high salaries as many people in the private sector?

If we allow politicians to destroy public servants’ security and dignity, we may very soon have shortages of such dedicated people, and regret our failure to defend them as what they are: heroes who sacrifice, and in many cases, face danger and difficult conditions as they keep their commitment to all of the American people!