Roy Moore, The Most Extremist Right Wing Senator In The Republican Party, And Possible Sign Of Future Turmoil In Party, If He Wins In December

Alabama Republicans last night selected former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore as their nominee to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions, overcoming temporary appointed Senator Luther Strange, by a margin of 10 percent.

Although Donald Trump supported Strange, he quickly switched to backing of Moore, who faces a contest with Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee, who as US Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, by appointment of Bill Clinton, was able to gain convictions of the perpetrators of the Birmingham Church bombing in 1963 of four young African American girls in 2001 and 2002, making him a hero four decades later than the crimes, but with two Ku Klux Klan members finally being dealt justice for their crimes.

But Alabama, being Alabama, is likely to elect Roy Moore to finish the remainder of the Sessions term on December 12.

Moore would be, by his own record, the most extremist right wing Senator in decades, more so than even Ted Cruz is or Jeff Sessions was, and as dangerous as Jesse Helms was for decades.

This man wants a Christian run nation, not believing in separation of church and state, a very alarming situation.

He is homophobic, Islamophobic, and racist, in his references to minority groups as “red and yellow”, and wanting to check out all Hispanics on their being documented or undocumented immigrants.

He is a Birther, as Trump was, believing that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

He was forced out twice from the Supreme Court of Alabama for installing a Ten Commandments statue, and for promoting refusal to accept the US Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, and wants homosexuality to be a crime worthy of prosecution.

He is a firebrand, who has the support of such right wing extremists as Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham.

He is anti Republican Establishment, and will create trouble for Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan on Capitol Hill, and will make many controversial statements.

To imagine that Sessions would have been preferable to remain as a US Senator instead of having Moore as his replacement shows just how extremist and whacko the Republican Party has become, and it encourages other Tea Party types like Moore to challenge Republican Senators for renomination in states such as Arizona, Nevada, and now Tennessee where Senator Bob Corker has decided not to run for reelection in 2018.

Donald Trump: Ego Maniac, Publicity Hound, And Now Fox News Channel Contributor!

Real estate magnate and reality television series star, Donald Trump is, obviously, an ego maniac, publicity hound, and a newly converted “Birther”, latching onto the belief that Barack Obama may not have been born in the United States!

Hinting that he may seek the Republican nomination, and stating his willingness to spend $600 million of his own fortune in such a quest, Trump has been making himself look more and more like a fool and a weirdo, joining Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul in the circus atmosphere of what the Republican Party has become, what with all the other Republicans who are becoming “Birthers”, including Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich among others.

Even conservative and Fox News Channel talk show host Bill O’Reilly has ridiculed the “Birther” idea and ridiculed Trump on that matter in an interview on his nightly show. But at the same time, Fox News Channel is giving Trump an opportunity to spew forth his views on public affairs once a week, as a new contributor to the channel, even though he is flirting with a Presidential run! Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were taken off Fox as contributors, but Trump is added, and Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee are allowed to remain for the time being, which makes Fox News Channel look totally ridiculous in their so called “principles”!

The likelihood is that Trump will NOT announce for President, but he is certainly gaining the attention and publicity he constantly craves from the American people. Seems to the author that Trump may be super wealthy and bright, but that he is quite the classic psychological case for the psychiatrist’s couch, as man who has issues, and would actually be very dangerous as he seems to think being a “bully” with China and other foreign nations is an acceptable method of diplomacy, and that firing people is the answer to domestic policy making!