The Presidential Race For 2024 Has Begun, With Donald Trump Announcement!

The Presidential Election of 2024 campaign has begun, the earliest ever in US History!

Just a week after the Republicans failed miserably to gain in a midterm election when they were the “Out” Party, Donald Trump has announced, in an uninspiring way, that he seeks to get back into the Presidency, to go after his “enemies”!

A typical negative speech with tons of lies and lack of reality makes one wonder why any sensible Republican would wish to remain a MAGA supporter!

Be assured, there will be many Republicans challenging Trump, as in their hearts and minds, they know Donald Trump is a loser, who has undermined the Republican Party ever since he first announced for President in June 2015!

Even his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, has made clear she is not going to be part of his Presidential campaign!