The Need To End The Iowa Caucuses And All Caucuses, And Have A National Primary Day In June Of Presidential Election Years

The Iowa Caucuses debacle, at this writing, no results due to “technical glitches with the new app”, is just further reason to end the Iowa Caucuses and the few other states that have such caucuses.–Nevada, Wyoming–and have a National Primary Day in June of the Presidential election years.

All candidates should campaign nationally, and the idea that small, unrepresentative states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, should have such attention paid to them, as they gain through the present system, should end.

Just as we have a National Election Day, we should have a National Primary Day, and that would be better for the parties and the nation. The only caveat might be, as in most states, that early voting could take place for up to three weeks before the election, but no vote count allowed until the end of National Primary Day.

This would enliven interest in the election, and force candidates to campaign in different ways, but with one result for each party with five months to go until the election in November!