Please, Joe Scarborough! Stop Telling Us How Great A Family Man Mitt Romney Is! Totally Irrelevant!

This author watches MORNING JOE each morning during the week, and finds the three hour show really outstanding.

BUT Joe Scarborough, the former Florida Republican Congressman, who has made this show a success with Mika Brzezinski and the others that contribute to it, has made clear that he can only give faint praise to Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Scarborough makes clear that Mitt Romney is a terrible politician who manages to hurt himself on a regular basis with his utterances.

BUT Scarborough constantly says that Mitt Romney is a wonderful husband and father, a great family man!

So, who cares? That is NOT a qualification to be President of the United States!

And how good a family man is Romney, really, when he has absolutely no concern for any family but his own and some close friends?

Mitt Romney is selfish, greedy, obsessed with money, constantly lies, is untrustworthy on his word, and looks down on people who are poor or middle class!

This is a “family man”?

Give me a break, and Joe, PLEASE stop telling us how great a “family man” Romney is, as it makes you, Joe Scarborough, look totally ridiculous!