The Trump Debate Collapses: What It Means For 2012!

The smack in the face and ego of Donald Trump, as his NewsMax debate has collapsed, with only two out of seven candidates agreeing to participate, is going to reverberate in American politics in 2012.

It can be certain that Trump is furious and humiliated by the series of events, and it is also clear that he will endorse Newt Gingrich after the two way debate with Rick Santorum.

And, assuming that the mainstream conservative wing of the party is able to stop Gingrich from being the nominee, it is certain that Donald Trump will run as an Independent candidate out of pique, and desire for constant attention, and his own extreme narcissism.

Such a move against the Republican Party will only help President Barack Obama, and lead to victories for the Democrats in Congress as well, certainly more than if Trump did not run!

And with Ron Paul likely to run as a Libertarian candidate as well, we are likely to have a four way race, all to the benefit of President Obama!