George Tenet

Former Vice President Dick Cheney And Obama Foreign Policy: Total Hypocrisy!

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, one of the architects of the disastrous Bush foreign policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, has now denounced the Barack Obama foreign policy as a failure, and termed his appointments of John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, and John Brennan as dismal and second rate. when the Bush team, including Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet and others demonstrated total arrogance and total incompetence in their leadership of our foreign policy for eight years!

The fact that Obama has fought terrorism effectively is ignored, an amazing development when it was under Cheney and George W. Bush that America was attacked. Imagine if Al Gore had been President on September 11, 2001, and the literal hell that Gore would have suffered for such an attack occurring!

Cheney predicted that the war in Iraq would be won easily, and the fact that more than 4,000 Americans were killed in that war does not concern him, or the tens of thousands of men and women disabled by the war.

Cheney helped contribute to a feeble war effort in Afghanistan, and ten years later, we are still in that nation, with over 2,000 Americans killed, and still with 68,000 troops there facing threats every day of loss of life or serious disabilities.

This man also said that deficits and the national debt were not important issues, but of course, now his party emphasizes that, after the destructive financial policies they pursued, including NOT raising taxes in time of war, and helping the top two percent gain the biggest tax cuts in history, and yet see total abuse by Wall Street and the corporations, leading to the Great Recession!

The fact that this most despicable man of recent times has the nerve to even speak up on Presidential leadership, when his own President was a true disaster in so many ways, shows he has no shame or feeling of guilt or responsibility for what he and George W. Bush have wrought!

Bush And Cheney Emerge: Reminders Of How We Became What We Are!

The emergence of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney from “exile” helps to remind us of how we came to be where we are today!

Bush was on National Geographic Channel, explaining and justifying his administration’s actions before September 11, on September 11, and since. You would think he would be a bit humble about the shortcomings of his administration regarding terrorism and the wars he initiated, but not one bit of apology was offered!

Even worse, Dick Cheney, who is seen overseas as an international war criminal, has been gloating about his attacks in his memoir on Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and George Tenet, and claims no mistakes, no shortcomings, no regrets about the foreign policy of the Bush Administration!

And of course, the man who said as Vice President that deficits did not matter, helped to preside over budget deficits that doubled the national debt, and convinced “fat cats”, corporate leaders and super rich people, that it was patriotic NOT to pay their fair share of taxes!

Adding insult to injury, we have today the former CEO of American Express, Harvey Golub, having the nerve to go on MSNBC this afternoon, and attack Warren Buffett for his assertions that wealthy people should pay higher taxes as part of patriotism, and appreciation for their success in America!

Golub says he earned his salary, worked very hard, and should not be forced to pay higher taxes until it is proved that the government handles money in a better fashion. While no one can criticize that assertion, it must be realized that CEOs are paid outrageous salaries to head major corporations, just at a time when many corporations have no morality or concern about firing their employees, cutting their benefits or pay, or adding more tension and pressure to their jobs!

But really, when a CEO says he works HARD, what does that mean? It means he “barks” orders to his underlings; spends time in his office intimidating others in meetings; uses his time on the phone and pushing papers to make himself look busy; and often could not survive without good staff, which he almost certainly treats in a disrespectful and disdaining manner! All he is concerned about is how much wealth he can acquire, how many perks he can have, and the level of arrogance and abuse that he can practice without accountability!

It is time to stop giving deference to corporate leaders, and start demanding that they do their part for their country, instead of expecting the “peasants” below them to bear the whole burden!

So Bush and Cheney emerging reminds us of the alternative of Barack Obama, and cannot but help make the choice for 2012 much clearer!

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s Memoir: Confirmation Of An Evil Man With No Apologies Or Regrets!

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, arguably the most powerful Vice President in the history of the nation, and also the most controversial and despised, is coming out with his memoir of his life working as Chief of Staff to Gerald Ford, significant member of the House of Representatives from Wyoming, Secretary of Defense under the first President Bush, and Vice President under the second President Bush.

Cheney, regarded as a war criminal for his support of water boarding, considered torture under international law, has no apologies for that and still endorses it as a method to use with terrorist suspects, despite the condemnation of most civilized Americans, including Senator John McCain, himself a victim of torture methods while a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.

He also is getting revenge on all he worked with, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former CIA head George Tenet, and former National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He revels that his memoir would “have heads exploding all over Washington” , with a broad smile on his face, making him look the equivalent of what we imagine the devil might look like!

This disgraceful, mean spirited man was once considered mainstream, until September 11, when he seems to have gone maniacal, changing in his whole outlook and relationships with others in a way that makes one wonder if he is certifiably mentally ill!

The tragedy is that his legacy harms the image of the United States overseas, and nothing will make him look as a decent and honest man, considering his great gaining of wealth from a corrupt corporation, Haliburton, even while he was Vice President. This man who evaded the draft in the 1960s has become the image of the man who is always looking for another place to bomb and invade. And of course, he recklessly shot a friend in the face, and never apologized for that either!

Cheney does not deserve our respect; rather, our disdain and condemnation, and he will go down as one of the great villains of America’s long history!

And what he represents will not help to improve the image of the man who took him on for the Vice Presidency for two terms: President George W. Bush. Bush will have a lot to answer for in history, not the least this monster he gave too much authority and power to because of his own inadequacies!

And to think, George W. Bush should never have been President if only the Florida vote count had been finished fairly, except for unconstitutional intervention by the majority Republican Supreme Court, denying Vice President Al Gore his rightful win for the Oval Office!