Dana Perino

Fox News Channel Tries To Rehabilitate Its Image: Massive Job Ahead!

Fox News Channel has recently dismissed Sarah Palin and Dick Morris from their group of “celebrities”, and has hired former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, joining former Indiana Senator Evan Bayh and journalist Juan Williams as their “open minded, liberal” brain trust to improve their image.

Is this a good thing? Yes, in the sense that, hopefully, it might change the editorial view of Roger Ailes and others at Fox News Channel, to attempt to be more fair in their news coverage, and their weekend analysis of the news and politics.

But a station which has Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly spewing their right wing propaganda, and having other right wing favorites, including Mike Huckabee, Neil Cavuto, Andrew Napolitano, Monica Crowley, and Dana Perino, and even a publicity hound such as Geraldo Rivera, has a long way to go before it gains true credibility as a REAL news channel, instead of a propaganda organ, which has the effect of making its followers LESS informed than if they did not watch any news!

Rudy Guiliani, Mary Matalin, Dana Perino, FOX News: Liars, Propagandists, Demagogues! :(

In the wake of the Christmas Day Bombing attempt in Detroit, and when President Obama said it is time for citizenship, not partisanship, in the fight against terrorism, along comes former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani, former Bush and Cheney aide Mary Matalin, and former Bush press secretary Dana Perino, promoting lies and propaganda and acting like demagogues, and FOX News aiding and abetting it.

All of them are saying there were no domestic terror attacks under Bush, while now there has been one under Obama!

I suppose they are imagining that September 11 never occurred, and that the Shoe Bomber Richard Reid in December 2001, did not happen.

How can they promote such myths except if they believe the American people are either gullible or stupid? Particularly, Mayor Guiliani, who has exploited 9/11 for all it is worth, suddenly has a “lapse of memory”!

But I also wonder how the Democratic strategist James Carville can remain married to such a liar as his wife, Mary Matalin. And as far as Dana Perino is concerned, she continues to come across as the absolutely worst press secretary ever, displaying her stupidity and ignorance while in that position and not improving her reputation out of office!

And of course, Fox News, and particularly Sean Hannity, just sits by as the lies and myths are stated, and has nothing to say! What ever happened to honest, decent journalism, Sean, heh? 🙁

Criticism Of News Network Nothing New

Republicans are showing hypocrisy when they criticize President Obama and his administration for their attack on Fox News Channel.

Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino under President George W. Bush attacked NBC News for criticism of her boss, and Vice President Spiro Agnew under President Richard Nixon regularly attacked the news media, specifically the three major networks, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, for their reporting on the Nixon Administration.

For Perino to say that what the Obama Administration is doing was signs of a dictatorship only proves what many believed when she was Press Secretary: that she displayed large amounts of ignorance and even stupidity much of the time. Let’s just say that she was probably the biggest embarrassment ever in the position of Press Secretary to a President!