Criminal Justice System

Donald Trump’s Authoritarian Bent Grows

Donald Trump’s authoritarian bent is growing daily.

He intervenes to say what should happen to Bowe Bergdahl in the criminal justice system, and it backfires on him.

He intervenes to say that the terrorist who killed eight people and wounded twelve in lower Manhattan should get the death penalty, after first suggesting that he be sent to Guantanamo Naval Base, where terrorists from September 11 remain housed, and that insures complexities in the upcoming trail of this perpetrator.

He intervenes to say that the Justice Department and the FBI should follow his desires, and go after Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, with his constant chant of “Lock Her Up” still being mouthed by his crazy supporters in the general population.

He intervenes to attack the news media for reporting FACTS, and the judiciary for going against him on his travel bans, when it is their job to report, and to follow the Constitution, not the President’s orders.

Donald Trump is emerging more and more as a Fascist, who needs to stopped in his quest for absolute power before it is too late, and the Republican Party in Congress will be condemned in history if they do not step in and stop him pronto.

We are not a dictatorship, and Donald Trump is not an Emperor or King, and he must be put in his place.

Thankfully, the Mueller investigation is moving forward toward ultimate accountability and justice, which should consider not just removal from the Oval Office for Donald Trump, but prison time for him and his son in law and son as well.

Florida Criminal Justice System For Juveniles Needs To Be Reformed!

Florida has a distinction no one living in the state should be proud of!

This state has 77 juvenile offenders who did not commit murder serving life without parole, out of 100 such cases nationally.

This came about because of overreaction in the past two decades to the high level of crime in the Sunshine state–that is, how it would affect tourism, and the very high level of senior citizens who obviously felt threatened by the crime wave that reached its peak in the 1990s.

But to sentence a person 12-17 to life without parole for rape or armed burglary seems unacceptable. And even the fact that nationally, over 2,500 juveniles have been sentenced to life without parole for crimes including murder, does seem to be counterproductive, as the possibility of reform, while unlikely, should be available after long periods of imprisonment, especially considering there is no other country which treats juveniles this way!

There is now a case before the Supreme Court regarding the lifetime imprisonment of someone for rape or armed burglary. It could be the equivalent of a “Brown V Board of Education” case for juvenile law, and therefore is a case that should be watched closely.