Climate Change Legislation

An Amazing Week For Joe Biden And Democrats!

The past week has been an amazing time for Joe Biden and the Democrats!

Many are saying it is the best week of Joe Biden’s Presidency, and accomplished by “Reconciliation”, meaning just on a party line vote in the US Senate.

All Democrats were finally united, and Vice President Kamala Harris cast the tie breaking vote against united Republican Party opposition to the Inflation Reduction Act, taking action on climate change, taxes, and health care.

While this is much less than the proposed “Build Back Better” proposals of a year ago, it is still seen as a major piece of legislation, and many observers have declared that, along with earlier legislation, it makes Joe Biden in many ways the most accomplished President on passage of major bills since Lyndon B. Johnson!

But also, in the past week, there was major job growth of more than a half million, double what was expected, and the job losses in the pandemic have now been totally wiped out!

The veterans health care legislation, to deal with exposure by millions of veterans to burn pits during their military service, finally was passed after a temporary reversal by many Republicans, but forced by criticism to reverse their negative votes.

Also, the successful elimination of Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri by action of the Central Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan was a significant action, for which the President gains kudos.

Also, gas prices have dropped for six weeks, and more than a dollar over that period, so in many areas below $4 a gallon.

And finally, the decision of Kansas voters to insure abortion rights remain in their state constitution is a major victory that will have an effect on the fight to overcome the Supreme Court’s horrendous decision in Dobbs V Jackson Women’s Health Organization on June 24!

Five Months Of President Joe Biden: A World Of Difference!

President Joe Biden has now been in the Oval Office for five months, and what a world of difference!

The right wing media and the Republican Party, of course, are constantly on the attack on every issue imaginable.

But Joe Biden has been successful in so many ways:

The COVID 19 Pandemic response, a great success with 300 million vaccinations after five months (150 days)
The Economic Revival through the American Rescue Plan legislation, greater success than thought possible in five months
Moving toward action on Infrastructure, Voting Rights, Gun Regulations, Health Care And Education Reform
Reversing many actions of Donald Trump on the Environment by Executive Order
Reversing actions of Trump on Immigration, Climate Change, Civil Rights, and so many other domestic issues
Choosing Federal Judges to balance out the right wing tilt of the Trump Judicial appointments
Restoring good relations with NATO, the European Union, and the G-7 Nations
Succeeding in making Vladimir Putin know he has met his match, with Putin saying Biden was professional, constructive, and experienced
Making clear to the world community that America has returned to world leadership and a sense of ethics and morals
Restoring Dignity, Compassion, Empathy, Decency, Humanity to the Oval Office

Next Big Challenge For Obama: Climate Change Legislation

Even before the Health Care Reform legislation makes it through a conference committee, President Obama already has a major challenge for early 2010: to obtain legislation to back up the pledges he made at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit with the major developing nations: China, India, Brazil and South Africa.

Legislation is being promoted by John Kerry of Massachusetts, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Most Democrats will support the legislation, but Obama needs to obtain GOP support other than Graham, with the best likelihood being Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, and Richard Lugar of Indiana at this point.

On the opposite side will be John McCain, who has switched sides on this issue. Of course, James Inhofe of Oklahoma will lead the charge, along with Roger Wicker of Mississippi, and John Barrasso of Wyoming, who went with him to the Copenhagen summit, where they were all totally ignored. Most of the Republican Senators will join them, with the exception of those mentioned above, hopefully, and maybe a few others. Sarah Palin, with her best selling book and loyalists in the millions will fight on this issue, as will all of the conservative talk show hosts.

Hard to believe, but it will be another massive battle as on health care. No one can say that Barack Obama is afraid of challenge!