Barack Obama And The Wisconsin Recall Election

President Obama made a major mistake by avoiding the Wisconsin Recall election, which takes place tomorrow.

Obama campaigning for Mayor Tom Barrett of Wisconsin in person would have been an electrifying event, which would have brought out more support for Barrett, in a state where the unemployment rate is below the national average.

If Barrett loses tomorrow, which seems likely at this point, based on polls, Obama will share the blame for the loss, and it will be a telling sign to the Republican Party for the Fall elections.

Obama needs to show his fighting spirit, and had an opportunity to do so this weekend, and let it pass, disappointing many.

Is Obama going to be Harry Truman in 1948 or Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936? Or is he doomed to be Jimmy Carter in 1980?

Bill Clinton went into Wisconsin to campaign for Barrett against Governor Scott Walker, and Obama, able to find time to visit Minnesota and Illinois, should have done the same!