Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, And “Their” Concept Of The DREAM Act: Discriminatory Citizenship

The DREAM Act has been promoted for a few years now in Congress, allowing the children of undocumented immigrants, or illegal aliens, who came here with their parents, grew up, personally obeyed the laws of the nation, and now as adults want the ability to become citizens, to be allowed that status if they attend and graduate college OR serve in the American military.

The Republican Party has prevented such an opportunity for young adults with illegal immigrant parents up to now, with Mitt Romney coming out totally against any such arrangement until last night.

Newt Gingrich last night gave a qualified approval of a proposed DREAM Act, but with modifications, quickly agreed to by Romney, showing again his constant inconsistency on just about every issue imaginable.

Gingrich said ONLY military service should be used to give such young adults, children of illegal immigrants, the ability to become citizens, and that attending and graduating college should NOT be accepted as a reason for citizenship. Romney modified his hard line views to agree with Gingrich, aware of the large number of illegal immigrants and their children in Florida and many other states with large Hispanic populations.

While it is certainly better to modify DREAM ACT opposition to allow military service as a qualifier for citizenship, it still is wrong, in that it sets up a discriminatory basis of citizenship.

So if someone is born in America, they do NOT need to serve in the military, the last time required being 1973. Why should someone having no control over where he or she was born be informed that he or she must, effectively, serve as a mercenary, “prove” his or her loyalty by taking the risks of military service, and then that person would be entitled to what everyone else is entitled to at birth?

Why is not education that can benefit not only the individual, but the nation as well in the long run, be acceptable without military service being a mandate? This is setting up a discriminatory citizenship, not stated in the Constitution!