Only 9 Percent In Poll Trust Congress: All Time Low

The reputation of Congress, always seen in a critical way as an institution, has reached a new low in a New York Times-CBS News Poll, with only NINE percent having trust, compared to 89 percent who don’t.

70 percent think the Republicans favor the rich, and want corporations to pay more taxes, and support a more even distribution of wealth.

The disillusionment seems likely to hurt the Republicans more, and Barack Obama, while only having 46 percent in the polls, has been rising, due to his speaking out and campaigning for his jobs bill, and his foreign policy successes.

So while all incumbents, including the President, have to be concerned about the distrust, in many respects Barack Obama is improving his image, while Congress, and particularly the GOP majority in the House, are seeing their image as the worst ever in polling.

This makes trying to predict what will happen to Congress and the Presidency in the upcoming Election of 2012 even more difficult to gauge.