“Joe The Plumber” And Advocacy Of Violence Against Nancy Pelosi

It is absolutely sickening that Joseph Wurzelbacher, an embarrassment to anyone who has a brain, has now, at a public gathering, advocated using violence against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

He spoke of “taking her behind the woodshed and hitting her aside the head” as justification because of what he said is her preaching of lies.

This is very interesting, as I guess “Joe the Plumber” feels that the Bush Administration always told the truth. It shows how out of touch with reality he really is!

It i s obvious that he is mentally deranged, a stupid man who advocates violence against a public official who he disagrees with. Is this the kind of image he should be promoting publicly, that it is alright to hit a woman, let alone a public official, because of opposition to that person’s views?

I say what we should answer Joe is that he is under arrest for threatening and advocating violence against the third top official in the US government!

It is time for “Joe the Plumber” to shut up and go back to his useless life of being a total jerk! As stated before, good riddance!