South Carolina Senate Race

The Strange Case Of Alvin Greene In South Carolina: A Scandal Hatched By The GOP? :(

Alvin Greene is an African American resident of South Carolina, 32 years old, unemployed, receiving unemployment compensation, and facing charges involving pornography that he must confront in court with a public defender as his lawyer!

But Alvin Greene is also the Democratic nominee for the US Senate against Senator Jim DeMint, just about the most conservative member of the Senate, and a likely candidate for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2012!

How did he afford the $10,000 filing fee? Beyond that, how is it that he managed to win enough support, without ANY political background at all, and showing evidence of being hardly articulate in the minimum sense, that he was able to come out of “nowhere” to emerge as the Democratic Party’s “best” candidate to represent South Carolina in the Senate? 🙁

House Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina, himself an African American, is suspicious that Greene is a “plant” by the Republican Party, and Greene refuses to answer any questions about the filing fee, his arrest, or really anything else about himself, past and present! 🙁

It is not that anyone in their “right mind” really thought that a state as conservative as South Carolina was about to retire Jim DeMint, but it is obvious that Alvin Greene’s candidacy is a total mockery! It certainly requires a full investigation, and a possible removal of Greene from the Senate race, which he makes clear in halting, inarticulate language that he is not prepared to accept! 🙁