“One Nation”

The “Tea Party” For Progressives And Liberals-“One Nation”!

Progressives, liberals, and their supporters have tried to combat the Tea Party Movement, which promotes conservative ideals, by forming so called “Coffee Party” groups!

But with the rapidly growing fear that conservatives will make major gains this fall, the Coffee Party activists have now formed a national group called “One Nation”, and are trying to organize labor and civil rights groups!

A total of 170 groups are forming a coalition to get their message out for the fall campaign for Congress and the states!

There will be a march on October 2 in Washington, DC, to emphasize the need for more jobs! The goal will be to encourage young people and minorities, a very important part of the success of the Obama candidacy in 2008, to become more active and committed in promoting change, as they did two years ago!

“One Nation” is disappointed that much remains to be done on the Obama agenda, and aim at pressing for more action, and more enthusiasm among the progressive electorate is urgent if what has not been achieved is to have a chance of enactment in the next two years!