Liberty Island

125th Anniversary Of Statue Of Liberty: Its Message Regarding Immigration

Today marks the 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, an icon of American values which has inspired generations of Americans, and has been a symbol of the best about America: its Immigrants!

The author, with his two sons, visited Liberty Island in 2010, and found it truly inspirational, with its message of the reality that America is a land of immigrants, the last best hope for refugees all around the world.

It is significant that Immigrants through the generations have faced discrimination, prejudice, and injustice, and the same fate awaits many immigrants, legal and illegal today.

Immigration has become a hot button issue in American politics, and its ugliness is very disturbing, but it must be remembered that it has always strengthened us as a nation, and we cannot allow nativism to rear its ugly head and deny basic human rights to those who come to our shores for a better life.

America is a nation of all nations, and that is its greatest virtue!