Israel’s “September 11”

From Danger Of Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 To Israel-Hamas War Crisis In 2023!

Six decades ago, America and the world faced the news of the greatest crisis since World War II–the Cuban Missile Crisis under the Presidency of John F. Kennedy.

Now, the world faces the greatest crisis in the history of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, the Hamas massacre of 1,400 Israelis and foreigners on October 7, the greatest loss of Jewish lives since the Holocaust 80 years ago!

It is also the equivalent of 14 September 11’s, as if more than 40,000 Americans had been killed!

The leadership of President Kennedy was a great strength then, and now the leadership of President Biden has been a great boost to the Israeli government, as it plans for an ultimate war that could become, potentially, a regional and world conflict. It could be as dangerous if not more so, than the Cuban Missile Crisis was 61 years ago!

There is also a growing threat to Jews around the world, including the United States, with all Jewish institutions on an alert for antisemitic statements and threats!

Horrifying Division In America Over The Israel-Gaza Tragedy!

The shocking Hamas attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip last weekend has caused horrifying division in America over the Israel-Gaza tragedy!

We have seen some young American Jews in law schools and universities denounce Israel, causing a split among American Jews.

We have seen Arab Americans in colleges and universities, and in major American cities, march and demonstrate against American Jews and Israel, and there have been reports of physical assaults by Arab Americans and Israeli supporters against each other, requiring more law enforcement buildup in major urban centers.

There is growing fear of open bloodshed and loss of life occurring as the upcoming invasion of Gaza City by the Israelis begins in the coming days, as Israel has made it clear it will stop at no restraints to destroy Hamas and its terrorist network.

In so doing, Israel may be engaged in the future in violation of international law and basic human rights, and likely to cause massive death and destruction of a captive population which has nowhere to go, and large numbers not supportive of the Hamas terrorism.

Massive loss of life in the Middle East is feared, and already, Israel’s loss of life from the dastardly attack on October 7 and since is the equivalent of 10 September 11’s, as if 30,000 had been killed on September 11, 2001, instead of 3,000!

The war could expand to include all of the nations of the Middle East, including the villainous Iran, and with possible supportive backing by other rivals of the United States and Israel, including Russia and North Korea!

Those who are pessimistic see a gloomy future, and the thoughts of an expanded war make some imagine that we might be on the cusp of World War III!

Another Shocking Event: 9/11 For Israel, Threatens Survival And Stability In Middle East!

In a stunning week, where the Speaker of the House of Representatives was repudiated for the first time in American history, now, shockingly, Israel faces issues of its survival and stability after the totally unexpected intelligence failure which led to sustained attacks by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, from the Gaza Strip.

This is the greatest tragedy since a half century ago, when at the same time on the calendar, there was the Yom Kippur War between Israel, Egypt, and Syria.

The loss of life, the number of wounded, and the shock of Israelis being taken captive, has stunned everyone who thought that Israel never had its national security and safety to be in danger.

Of course, the United States supports Israel in this crisis, but it does not take away from the reality that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu is an extremist right wing government, which as I write, has apparently rejected the idea of a government of national unity, with the purpose of disposing of the most extremist right wing Orthodox Jewish religious elements in the government coalition.

There could be a massive war crime in the Gaza Strip, leading to the death of thousands of civilians who have nowhere to escape the potential bloodshed as Israel works to punish and destroy Hamas and the terrorist threat to Israel’s future.

This is a time of mourning, and of prayers required, that somehow, the developing tragedy will not lead to a massive loss of life unmatched in Middle East history!

And without a stable House of Representatives and an installed Speaker, the US government is faced with the crisis of having problems helping Israel, as well as Ukraine, in what has now become two major foreign policy crises faced by President Joe Biden!