Government Debts

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan: You Have Disqualified Yourself From The Presidency By Refusing To Uphold The Payment Of Government Debts!

Memo to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas; Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky; Senator Marco Rubio of Florida; and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan:

You have all disqualified yourselves from becoming President by refusing to uphold the payment of government debts, when the ultimate moment of decision came yesterday, October 16, in the US Senate and US House of Representatives!

The four of you are considered so called front runners for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2016, but by doing what you have done, you have put into the forefront such contenders as:

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey
Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush
Governor John Kasich of Ohio

It is not as if these governors and former governors are ideal choices, as none of them are such, but they have known what it is to govern a state, and they are not looney enough as you have been, to do something which would undermine the nation and the world economy, as you demonstrated in your irresponsible vote.

So goodbye to all four of you, and have a good time associating with the Tea Party Traitors to America!