Federal Employees

Ted Cruz Shows His True Colors: Ambition, Greed, And Maniacal Egotism!

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is extremely ambitious, very greedy, and has a maniacal egotism, as he seeks to become the GOP Presidential nominee in 2016.

He will stop at nothing, dividing his own party, and promoting recklessness, to the extreme, that he now advocates the closing down of the military, along with putting millions upon millions of Americans in danger of economic calamity, by stopping Social Security and Medicare benefits, Veterans benefits, and closing down government agencies, paralyzing the every day activities of government, and stopping pay checks to federal employees and soldiers fighting overseas.

The fact that ObamaCare was passed into law by a majority of both houses of Congress; upheld by the Supreme Court; and reaffirmed by the second term victory of President Obama, seems not to be enough to Cruz, who does not care about the effects on our economy and national security due to his lunatic behavior.

But now, even the House GOP Tea Party Caucus is starting to turn on him, and Senator John McCain has not minced words, in calling Cruz a “whacko bird!”, which he most certainly is.

Cruz’s behavior is now likely to undermine his campaign for President, and it is certain that if, somehow, he makes it through GOP primaries and caucuses in 2016, and is the Republican Presidential nominee, he will be handed a walloping defeat, which will cleanse the GOP of its right wing extremist elements! Either that, or the party will be relegated to the dustbins of history!