Ohio Goes MAGA On Senate Race–Bernie Moreno Vs Sherrod Brown!

The state of Ohio–the home of six American Presidents from 1869-1923, all Republicans–has gone MAGA in choosing the Republican nominee for the US Senate race against incumbent three term Democrat Sherrod Brown.

Bernie Moreno has become the Donald Trump endorsed candidate, with extremist views, against a mainstream Democrat, who has been very popular and effective in three terms in the US Senate.

Sherrod Brown should have an advantage in this race, as a more mainstream Republican, Matt Dolan, who had been endorsed by Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine and former Republican Senator Rob Portman, was unable to stop the more extremist Moreno from winning the Senate nomination.

Moreno has been extreme and inconsistent in his views on many issues, and has also gone from being a Trump critic to being a Trump sycophant.

Already, Moreno is calling Sherrod Brown a “Commie”, so one can see what a nasty campaign he will wage!

This Ohio Senate race is crucial for Democrats’ hopes of keeping a Senate majority, and it will be the most highly watched race over the next eight months!

One comment on “Ohio Goes MAGA On Senate Race–Bernie Moreno Vs Sherrod Brown!

  1. Wayne Johnson March 20, 2024 5:44 pm

    I have seen Ohio degrade to Neo-Naz and Klansman mentally within the 6 years I was in Columbus doing Consulting Engineering upgrading the Electrical Infrastructure Grid.

    When I first got to Ohio… they solidly voted for President Obama.

    It changed in just the following 6 years.

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