Early Voting In 37 States, But Should Be In All States In Future!

37 states have allowed early voting, while 13 have not, and that is wrong, and must change in the future.

The states that do not have early voting include:

New Hampshire
Rhode Island

Six others allow absentee voting only on an early basis

New York
South Carolina

At the same time, three states have all mail voting–Colorado, Oregon, Washington.

It is time for ALL states to allow early voting, and there should be encouragement for all mail voting, as the most efficient system of all.

Requiring everyone to show up on Election Day is outdated, and difficult for many, with limited hours, long lines at the end of a day at work,and possible bad weather conditions, as well as difficulties for those with disabilities.

Time to modernize our voting system to encourage everyone to vote, and make it easy to vote!

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