Karl Rove And The “Birthers”: Civil War Developing In Republican Party!

Karl Rove, the mastermind behind George W. Bush, much maligned and denounced by many, at least has some common sense, and has come out swinging against the loonies in his party, who continue to support the “Birther” argument that Barack Obama was not born in America!

A strong attack by Rove against Donald Trump, and by implication against Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and others in the party who continue the reckless argument that only promotes disrespect and conspiracy theories, at a time when this nation has so many problems and issues, is a strong sign that the GOP is about to implode!

Again, only two major candidates totally repudiate the “Birther” argument convincingly–Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, and that is why if the party has any sense, it will nominate one or the other next year for the GOP nomination, with Romney still having the upper hand at this point, but with Pawlenty or Jon Huntsman as “dark horses” who might suddenly surge!

Unfortunately, as Rove well realizes, the GOP is becoming the laughing stock of serious minded people with its irresponsible candidates, who seem to focus on nothing else except citizenship, rather than the important domestic and foreign policy issues!

What is becoming more apparent is that the Republican Party MUST declare a break with the Tea Party Movement loonies, both on economic and social issues, and liberate themselves to return to be re-established as a main stream party, as it used to be until 1980!

If not, if the Tea Party Movement takes over, the Republican Party will become part of the dustbin of history!

One comment on “Karl Rove And The “Birthers”: Civil War Developing In Republican Party!

  1. Margaret Mitchell, MSRN,, CNS April 18, 2011 11:38 pm

    All of the recent actions by the Tparty loons and the various republicans, the repub “sort of” presidential candidates, Trump being spanked by Rove, Rove being spanked by Trump, Ryan and his screaming tantrum in the house last Friday, or R. Santorum “borrowing” a line from a poem of pro-union Langston Hughes for his campaign slogan and not even realizing his plagiarism or even understanding the incongruity of the line..or Sarah Palin in Wiconsin beingloudly BOOOed and her screaming like a banchi at a rally she thought was just tparty……oh my LOL! the list goes on…reminds me of a bunch of Saturday Nite Live Skits! Can they be any more goofy? The repubs are doing things and pushing the envelope of sanity and intelligence….and sadly on humanity. They are all rewriting the Republican Party into …..what comes to mind is what comes out of a wood chipper when they feed big, huge trees stumps in….. Or…to be a bit ore colorful…what comes out of the back end of an Elephant!!
    Thanks again Professor Ron for you wonderful, insightful observations! Keep them coming!

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