The Complexity Facing The Republican Hopes For A Majority in Congress

It has been much stated that the Republican Party is favored now to win a majority of the House of Representatives in November’s elections, with some chance of gaining control of the Senate as well!

The numbers always quoted are 39 in the House and 10 in the Senate, but it is not quite that simple!

To gain 39 seats in the House and 10 in the Senate also means that the Republicans cannot afford to lose any seats, and if they do, then the number of new Republicans needed in both chambers grows!

To believe that EVERY Republican in both houses running for re-election, and that every open seat that is Republican, will stay Republican is truly a dream beyond reality!

Remember there is a lot of anger and frustration with INCUMBENTS, but in both parties! The Tea Party Movement has been active in trying to defeat Republican incumbents where they can (as for instance Bob Bennett in Utah and Lisa Murkowski in Alaska), and are not automatically willing to back the Republicans when it comes to getting legislation through, if the GOP gains the majority!

So it is not going to be easy for the Republicans to gain enough seats, although it is acknowledged that the Democrats will certainly lose seats! But if by some chance the Republicans do gain enough seats, there will likely be paralysis as far as action is concerned to deal with the economic crisis, as the Tea Party activists who are elected will refuse to back spending and will insist on budget cuts, despite the reality that there is little that can be cut from the major parts of the budget–defense, interest on the national debt, Social Security, and Medicare!

In the light of day, the Republicans might very well regret their majority, as the Democrats will be able to claim by 2012 that they have been a reactionary, do nothing Congress, and the anger and frustration of the people will likely lead to a return of the Democrats to control of Congress, and the victory, probably by a wider margin, of President Barack Obama to a second term as President of the United States!

One comment on “The Complexity Facing The Republican Hopes For A Majority in Congress

  1. Chris September 13, 2010 10:29 am

    It is highly unlikely that the republicans will win both the senate and the house. My concern is that if they do win the house then nothing will get done in the next two years, since a bill has to pass both. If this is the case then the republicans could use that against us in 2012 saying that democrats won’t work with them. Since bills have to pass the house first a majority of the time they won’t be far from the truth, even though what they pass will benefit big buisness and will be counter productive for the country. The problem is most people in this country don’t understand how government works and believe what they hear no matter how wrong it is.

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