The Right Wing Attack On The Constitution! Proposals To Destroy The 16th, 17th, And 14th Amendments! :(

Conservatives and Republicans keep on claiming that liberals and progressives are destroying the Constitution, but in actual fact, it is the right wing that is setting out to distort and eviscerate the Constitution by eliminating constitutional amendments that they do not support!

There has been an attack in recent years on the 16th Amendment, the so called “progressive” federal income tax amendment of 1913, which if it was really enforced properly, would be taxing the rich much more than they have been, due to all kinds of loopholes and favored treatment of the elite throughout our history! But now, many right wingers want to wipe out the 16th Amendment altogether, and have a national value added tax or sales tax instead, which would victimize the middle and lower classes more than they are now, in favor of the elite evading taxes further! 🙁

Some right wingers have also proposed a wipe out of the 17th Amendment of 1913, which provided for direct popular election of the United States Senate! The argument is that the state legislatures should resume selection of the Senate, so as to wipe out popular participation (which is code language for preventing all those “undesirable” liberals and minorities playing a role in the selection of the upper chamber, which is already highly unrepresentative because of Senate rules, but would be more so if returned to the corrupt system that prevailed until 1913)! Is there anything more undemocratic than this desire to take away the power of the vote from the people? 🙁

Now, there are proposals by Republican Senators to reconsider the 14th Amendment, so as to prevent children born in the US of visitors and immigrants who are not citizens, from becoming citizens at birth as was clearly stated in that amendment upon passage in Congress in 1866, and ratified by 1868! Instead of America being the “land of opportunity and hope”, they want to separate children from citizenship by the circumstances of their birth! 🙁

The point to be made about all three of the above amendments is that this is basically all just political propaganda, as an amendment change or new amendment would require a two thirds vote of both houses of Congress, and passage by majority vote in both houses of the state legislature in three fourths, or 38 of the 50 states!

So the odds of any of this happening is near zero, but it is a great way to divide America and win elections!

To even imagine that we would ever have a nation where two thirds of both houses of Congress and a majority vote in both houses of the state legislatures in three fourths of the states would occur to bring about these changes is a literal nightmare scenario! 🙁

If that were to happen in reality, then America would be seen as having lost its way and the purpose of its existence–as the last best hope for oppressed people and average, everyday Americans who just want a fair shake!

2 comments on “The Right Wing Attack On The Constitution! Proposals To Destroy The 16th, 17th, And 14th Amendments! :(

  1. Sigmasoul August 6, 2010 2:47 pm

    As America becomes “browner” you will see more attacks by the “Grand Old Party(but not everybody is invited)”.
    It makes no sense, in the mid 21st century the USA will be more diverse. Why exclude so many people now. Seems short sighted. Understanding that there is a mindset where “we will cross that bridge when we get there…”. The “bridge” maybe closer than they think. Think back, African Americans fought for civil rights in the 1950’s after seeing and fighting against the actions of the Nazis in World War Two. That time equals to about 12 years. Now think of the demographic changes in 12 years here in the USA. The “Tea Party” members (mostly babyboomers) will be collecting social security. The “Grand Old Party” may have to rethink their current positions against the 14th, 16th & 17th Amendments. They may need equal protection by law or social services paid by income taxes.

  2. Guest December 9, 2010 7:06 am

    The 14th amendmant was for legal residents of this country who were formally slaves. It had nothing to do with illegal immigrants who came here illegally and born children here under that pretense. Why would we want to allow people here illegally to have a foothold to citizenship from the birth of their child when they are initially lawbreakers? This is the first sign that these people do not respect the laws of our country. Even if they follow many of our laws they still initially have broken into our house and refused to leave. The homeowners have every right to ask them to leave but, they have found a way to stay in our home by support of neighbors who don`t like us anyway (Democrats) who are now progressives that want to change our country to make it a one world goverment. These progressives do not care about our constitution. They want us to be one world and have no protection from tyrants who want to control all people. The people who claim to be democrats have no idea what`s actually in store for their freedoms because of the aganda of the progressives are in sheeps clothing not truely exsposing who they are and what their overall plan is to destroy America. Your party has been stolen from left wing nuts and you can`t see it

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