The Tea Party Caucus: Likely The Republican Party’s Worse Nightmare! :(

The Tea Party Movement may have success this year in the midterm elections, and some Republican officeholders may feel comfortable to ally themselves with the movement, but the likelihood is that if they become influential, they will be the Republican party’s worse nightmare–uncontrollable, radical, alienating many voters, and causing GOP losses in 2012, both for the Presidency and Congress and the state governments! šŸ™

Imagine the worst scenario!

Rand Paul becomes Senator from Kentucky!
Sharron Angle becomes Senator from Nevada!
Mike Lee becomes Senator from Utah!
Marco Rubio becomes Senator from Florida!
Pat Toomey becomes Senator from Pennsylvania!
Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint and James Inhofe endorse the Tea Party activists and join in a caucus with them!
Michele Bachmann keeps her Congressional seat, and organizes a Tea Party caucus in the House of Representatives with Tea Party activists who win House seats!

Imagine this and how it will affect John Boehner and Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell and Jon Kyl and other establishment Republicans!

In fact, a conservative website, REDSTATE, projects the “ideal” leadership for the Senate, including Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn and lesser leadership roles for Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey! šŸ™

It is clear that Republican establishment leaders are fearful of the effects of the Tea Party activists, who will certainly be hard to manage and will be “unruly insurgents”, as the Washington Post terms it! šŸ™

So the Republicans might gain seats, and even, possibly control, but then their worse nightmare will occur, and they could turn off the nation completely by 2012, if they do not come up with magical solutions to make the American people want to vote them in again in 2012! šŸ™

And the Republican presidential candidate list discussed in an earlier blog entry will rue the day that the Tea Party Movement gained such an impact, as they might do this fall! šŸ™

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