The Republicans And The Great Recession: They Just Don’t Get It! :(

The Republican Party is proving yet again that they just don’t get it when it comes to the Great Recession! 🙁

Resisting necessary financial reform, and blocking an extension of unemployment compensation to desperate people, it reminds us too much of the years of the GOP under Herbert Hoover, and during the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt! 🙁

When, oh when, will the American people understand that it was the GOP which put us into this mess, and now refuse to do anything to get us out, as to them, the only thing that matters is preventing Barack Obama from having any success! 🙁

The thought is that if Obama fails to accomplish his goals, they gain, as Obama himself said yesterday in a public rally in Racine, Wisconsin! But it seems to the author that exactly the opposite will happen, and that the American people will come to realize that Obama is concerned about them, and the Republicans are not! 🙁

Outgoing Senator Robert Bennett of Utah, a victim of the Tea Party Movement, has stated recently that while he thinks his party will win Congress this fall, that they only have slogans, and no programs or ideas, and that therefore, it is likely that even if they do win control, they will lose in in 2012!

Certainly, every utterance of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and House Minority Leader John Boehner fails to give any encouragement or inspiration to anyone who is listening! They come across as hard hearted, unconcerned, vapid spokesmen for their party!

The thought of Boehner as Speaker of the House makes one wonder, as his reputation is that he is NOT a hard worker, and cannot be reached after 5 pm! In other words, he is lazy and uninspiring!

On the other hand, listening and watching McConnell makes one feel as if he is at a wake! LOL

A more inspiring leader may be House Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia, but there are rumors that he is looking to run for the Senate against Jim Webb in 2012, and that his heart is not in the House anymore. In any case, he and Boehner do not act seamlessly, and therefore, the GOP leadership is mediocre! 🙁

But it is not just the leadership! It is also the membership in both houses that simply can be seen as having no imagination, no new ideas, and ultimately, no concern for the American people! 🙁

Hopefully, the American people will see this by November, as Vice President Joe Biden predicts will be the case! We shall see soon enough!

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