Elena Kagan Versus Republican Senators: A Superb Performance! :)

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan put on a superb performance in her appearance this week before the Senate Judiciary Committee! 🙂

Kagan displayed great intelligence and knowledge about the courts and the law, and was excellent in the use of humor and sarcasm, making her one of the more interesting nominees to appear before the Judiciary Committee in recent years! 🙂

She made some of the Republicans look mediocre in their pettiness and criticisms, and did not back off from her effusive praise of her mentor, Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall, for whom she worked as a clerk for a few years on the Supreme Court!

The attacks on Marshall’s view of the Constitution demeaned NOT Marshall, but those Republicans who attacked his judicial record!

Kagan came across as clearly a liberal in her background and experiences, and will be an excellent addition to the Court!

Her differing experiences, including NOT being a judge, will create some diversity on the Court that is much needed!

It seems clear that she will easily be confirmed, and that she may get more GOP votes than originally expected! 🙂

So, Solicitor General Kagan, soon you will be Associate Justice Kagan! 🙂 Congratulations! 🙂

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