The Internet, Cyber Security, And Presidential Power: A Dangerous Concept! :(

Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut is promoting legislation that would provide the President the power to take over the internet in a moment of danger due to a cyber attack from overseas, such as from China!

There is no question of the concerns about cyber security, as we have become so dependent on the internet that we could easily be paralyzed by a foreign attack in cyberspace!

But the thought of the President being able to shut down or control access to the internet is an absolutely terrifying concept! 🙁

Even if one believes President Obama is a man who could be trusted, what about future Presidents who many would not feel comfortable with in gaining such absolute power?

Would we want a future Richard Nixon or George W. Bush having this authority? The answer clearly is NO! 🙁

Of course, one might argue that already the President possesses extreme and absolute power in many ways dealing with military and foreign policy matters.

But one is reluctant to authorize any additional power being granted, as unwise and worrisome! 🙁

However, probably in a realistic sense, this eventuality will come about, whether we like it or not! 🙁

2 comments on “The Internet, Cyber Security, And Presidential Power: A Dangerous Concept! :(

  1. Margaret Mitchell, MSRN,, CNS June 21, 2010 11:51 pm

    I’m curious by Joe Lieberman is push this bill? He is not exactly been any support to Obama. Has Obama pushed for this or is Lieberman just trying to stir the pit and make trouble for the dems?

  2. Ronald June 22, 2010 7:28 am

    Despite Lieberman’s Independent bent, I believe that he sees this as an essential part of national security, on which he has always been a leader, particularly since September 11.

    As to whether Obama has pushed this or not, it is not clear, but one must remember that once someone is in the White House, he sees things very differently, with all of the intelligence information that he alone learns about daily.

    In my mind, I do not have a problem with Obama being reckless with such a power, as I do not think he would be such, but the thought of untrustworthy future Presidents having this authority is terrifying! 🙁

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