Michelle Obama: Role Model, Good Will Ambassador, And Elegant First Lady! :)

Probably the greatest asset President Barack Obama has is not his cabinet officers or advisers, but his elegant, highly intelligent and articulate First Lady! 🙂

Michelle Obama has already demonstrated that she is one of the greatest First Ladies in American History in just a little over a year in office!

Not only has she become a role model for women and young girls and promoted “family values” and the work ethic, but she has also become the leading advocate of her husband as he faces the most massive series of problems of any President since Franklin D. Roosevelt!

On her recent trip to earthquake torn Haiti and to Mexico, she showed her talent as a good will ambassador and spokesperson for every decent human trait to help those less fortunate!

She always knows the right thing to say and do, and she possesses great charm and presence!

It is such a delight to have an intelligent and accomplished First Lady, as the job description has become much more upgraded by her qualifications, which rival, and in some ways, surpass all First Ladies except, possibly, Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton!

Michelle Obama will continue to be a tremendous asset to her husband and to America in the coming years, and this can be seen in a way to follow what Bill Clinton said when he was elected, regarding his wife: You elect me, you gain my wife as a dividend! 🙂

That is certainly the case with Michelle Obama!

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