The Tea Party Convention, Tom Tancredo, And Fox “News” Channel: Right Wing Extremism On Display!

The Tea Party Convention opened in Nashville last night, with the major speaker being Tom Tancredo, former Republican Congressman from Colorado, and one of the declared Presidential candidates in 2008. No one was unhappy when Tancredo did poorly and withdrew from the race, as he was the wackiest of all ten GOP candidates running for the White House!

Tancredo is totally nuts, a moron and lunatic of major proportions! How he can spew forth his racism, nativism, and other demagogic rants and raves, and not be ashamed and embarrassed by the image he presents, indicates just how crazy and mentally ill he really is! 🙁 Some see him as the new Joseph McCarthy!

Even some of the people listening to him speak expressed the thought that he was hurting the movement, which looks more and more like a group of ignorant, hateful, losers who sound more and more fascist oriented, and a threat to our nation’s stability and security!

Any sane Republican or principled conservative should be able to recognize that associating with this radical right wing movement will not benefit them or the party in the future. If you play with a wild animal, you end up the victim, and the GOP is in dangerous territory trying to appeal to these loonies!

And the fact that Fox News Channel thinks it is professional and legitimate to have their talk show hosts get directly involved in this movement and in other conservative and Republican activities, in the form of delivering speeches, shows how bankrupt a station they are in an ethical sense! Should a news channel openly allow people who work for them to become politically involved, and still have the right to call themselves a “news” channel? I am referring to the planned activities of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, and the fact that Sarah Palin, who now works for Fox News Channel, will be paid a six figure amount to speak before this Tea Party Convention on Saturday night.

And to top it off, the fee to be involved in this Tea Party Convention is a steep $549, which makes one wonder if this is not just a method to profit from people’s discontents. Is the Tea Party movement a legitimate expression of anger and unhappiness, or is it another example of extremists similar to past Nazi and Ku Klux Klan movements? Any sane person knows it is the latter! 🙁

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