Republican Refusal To Cooperate In Difficult Times: A Losing Strategy!

The Republican party has become more obstructionist under Barack Obama than they have ever been at any other time under any other Democratic President, and this has soured a lot of Americans who watched their facial expressions, their body language, and their refusal to give him any applause when he called for steps toward creating jobs, promoting small business, and saving community banks in his State of the Union address last night.

It is as if they want the country to fail, so that they can gain politically, putting their own narrow party interests and political power positions ahead of what is good and essential for the country at large.

They seem not to have any human compassion, any concern for those who are hurting, and would rather impose an ideological test on Republicans who run for office, therefore threatening such moderates as Charlie Crist in Florida and even John McCain in Arizona.

Their flirtation with the extremist Tea Party Movement and former Congressman Dick Armey’s Freedom Works movement will destroy this proud party that once stood for good things and good instincts under Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and even at times, under Ronald Reagan.

Their negative message and lack of respect for President Obama will, in the long run, reverberate against them, even though Democrats worry about the midterm election. But it is hard to conceive of the country giving control of Congress to the party that has no message and no leadership and shows no commitment or principles that can offer hope for the future!

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