Advice To VP Joe Biden: Stop Stating Everything You Are Thinking !

I am a tremendous fan of Vice President Joe Biden, and originally favored him for the Presidency in 2008, although I knew he would not be able to accomplish that goal. 

I was thrilled when President Obama chose Joe to be his running mate,  and I believe the Vice President has been a positive force overall for the administration.

However, Joe’s well known ability to talk too much has now led to an unwise public statement that Russia was a weakening country economically, and are falling behind the times, as they face a withering population base.  This is extremely unwise, to antagonize a nation as significant as Russia is,  and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did an excellent job defusing this touchy situation on Meet the Press this Sunday, without being critical of the Vice President.

The Obama Administration also has continued to praise the Vice President publicly, but realistically, it is time for Joe Biden to understand that when he speaks, it can create problems for the President, and that he needs to clear whatever he says before says it, so as not to create troubles for the government in its relations with foreign nations.

Even with this weakness of the Vice President regarding his mouth,  it is still far better than the dangerous involvement in the US government by former Vice President Dick Cheney.   So, despite criticisms that can be made of Biden, I still say it is good that he is our Vice President, but PLEASE temper your comments for the good of the Obama Administration!

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